2016 Hyperlogik LLC Hyperlogik Computer Services

Hyperlogik is a certified Bay Area Green Business and takes pride in offering environmentally friendly computer services to small businesses and home users in the East Bay.

Hyperlogik is conscious of the effects of technology on the environment.

In turn, for each Dell computer sold by Hyperlogik, a tree is planted to help offset its carbon footprint.

All of the packaging included with any product sold by Hyperlogik will be taken to a local recycling facility for proper waste management.

To avoid further degradation to the environment we live in, Hyperlogik can recycle up to 50 lbs. of your electronic waste (e-waste) for FREE (with a paid on-site service call) at an approved Bay Area Green Business recycling facility.

In 2005 we traded in our SUV for a more fuel efficient, compact car. Every year since we have saved between 600 and 800 gallons of fuel.
In 2015 we traded up to an all electric vehicle which is primarily charged by solar power!

Additionally we are taking advantage of the latest remote internet based technical support to cut down on the number of miles we drive.

As a Green Business one of the things we try to do is reduce our waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. To achieve this, not only do we recycle packaging and e-waste, we also compost. Click here to read more about our composting efforts and to learn how to start composting.

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